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Upgrading the fleet

september table 2018

September saw the end of the festival run with BBC Proms Hyde Park (50,000 cap) finishing off a busy season for us, our marquee crews were still busy across the country with production crews operating closer to home covering  South Wales and The South West. We managed to cover just over 175 jobs accumulating over 8,000 hours worked.

Our vehicles covered another 1,700 miles offset by an investment of £24.95 towards green renewable energy.

Millsmedia (Corporate Crew Celtic Manor) picked up the monthly £100 charity draw going to Breast Cancer Care with a pick from the feedback forms, whilst our own Owen Driver (Crew Chief Marquee Division) picked up best snap on a marquee install in pretty windy conditions and operations manager Toby Short came runner up with a snap of a telehandler going round Craner Curves Donnington Park the wrong way (Download cap 110,000).

september 1

september 2


Company insight – Fleet Upgrade

Rock City has always been a mobile crew running crews up the M4 & M5 corridor from our crew bases in Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth and more recently with the established crew network working across the UK longer distances were required for select Rock City teams to support our network. Our aging crew vehicles were taking a beating, with that and along with our pledge to become carbon balanced by 2020 on fuel emissions an upgrade to the 12 vehicle fleet was required.

In 2017 we started the upgrade, planning to replace all 12 vehicles with the new Ford Transit Custom Van, fitted with the new 2 Litre Panther EcoBlue Engine, low on emissions whilst high on performance, to date we have achieved 8 upgrades across our product & production crews giving us efficient vehicles with reliability and added some tech to improve communications and management.

We have installed Dash Cam Recorders along with RAM Tracking in each vehicle giving us:-

  • Gives us mobile access to critical fleet data – we can manage the fleet effectively.
  • GPS tracking – we can inform our clients exactly where the crew are and how long they will be, managing traffic problems and accidents in real time, from real time displays in the office.
  • Full historic journey details – Manage trips better with built in breaks data referenced for invoicing.
  • Instances and duration of overspeed – we can managing our driver’s good driving skills and reward them monthly.
  • Time-sheet verification.
  • On screen live updates of location of all the fleet.

Below is a snap shot from the 10th September from showing all new 8 vehicles and their locations.

september 3


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