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New Start

In our continuing drive to develop and invest in our crew, Rock City is happy to announce the full time addition of eight new members of staff to join our growing team.

Rock City has continually strived over the years to employ as many of our crew as possible on salaries or fixed term contracts, giving them security, a regular wage with benefits and peace of mind. 2018 sees 38 such staff on our books with a target of 50 by 2020.

Adam Hall – AKA Taffy has been with the crew since 2009, an accomplished member of the Cardiff Crew who we have eventually persuaded to join us full time.

Taffy will further strengthen our outdoor events team and crew chief several festivals this summer for us.

Adam Hall

Andy Kerslake – Andy has been working for Rock City since 2006 alongside other interests and pursuits. Joining us full time, others will gain from his wealth of experience as one of our leading forklift drivers. Andy will be seen on the Principality shows and a variety of festival sites throughout the UK this summer.

Andy kerslake

Tom Issac – Tom has shot up through the ranks very quickly over the last three years with his excellent attitude and willingness to learn. Tom will head up a small team looking after our corporate clients alongside backing up the bigger crews in Cardiff when the need arises.

Tom Issac

Eduardo Portillo – Eduardo joined the company on a zero hour contract back in 2015 and with his infectious enthusiasm he has become a well-liked and respected member of the team. We are delighted to bring him on full time. He will concentrate his time in bringing up the new members to the standards we expect as one of our main mentors.

Edwardo Portillo

Rhyddian Hughes – Started as a casual worker for Rock City back in 2011, this year sees Rhyddian joining Matt Brooks as part of our training team on a full time salary. He is currently taking his Forklift Instructors Certificate and will get involved through our RTITB accredited Training Centre in Plymouth, putting our crew and our clients’ crews through their paces to achieve certificates in Counter Balance, Straight Mast and Telescopic Forklift licences.

Rhyddian Hughes

Peter Bryan – Peter has been with us on and off for over 15 years. When his contract ended with a local company in Cardiff we jumped at the chance to bring him on full time.

Peter will head up our Cardiff Product Team running a small crew of his own, specialising in marquees, seating and stages.

Peter Bryan

David Lloyd – AKA Dai. Accomplished musician in his own right, Dai will now bring his technical skills to the Rock City Team focusing on all aspects of production, specialising in set and backline. He will also be looking after our clients further afield with regular trips to London and Birmingham. A Merthyr boy born and bred, Dai and his team will be a great asset to Rock City in and out of Cardiff and bring that never die attitude the valley boys are famous for.

David Lloyd

Richard Protheroe – Another accomplished musician (from Merthyr), festival promoter, sales man and film maker joined our ranks last year and excelled throughout 2017. Rich joins our younger team leaders full time. As a main part of the Cardiff Crew he will take his place running his own team across various venues throughout Cardiff and in the summer join the Festival Team in building large and small festivals across Britain. Rich will also be heading up the production of our own short promotional film due out by Christmas 2018!

Richard Protheroe

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