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Getting ready for summer


May has been another busy month with over 300 separate jobs some lasting weeks at a time.  With the crew split into three distinct groups, site, production and product they have covered the miles from Epson across to Derby down to London and back through Cardiff & Bristol to the lower reaches of Cornwall. The Admirals Party at the Principality Stadium production managed by SC Productions was one of the highlights, the stadium was changed into a fairytale spectacular with one side Alice and Wonderland themed while the other resembled the Great Hall in Harry Potters Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.

Product Crew

The term Product Crew we have coined for specialist structures, seating and marquees.  Crew for these jobs require specialist knowledge and training, we have worked alongside our clients to developed bespoke training programmes to meet their needs and insure that our crews can hit the ground running when on site.

Running into May we already know where the bulk of the crew will be for the duration of the summer.  Each year we train, prepare, allocate crew pore over spreadsheets and site maps to give the client the best possible outcome.  Each year countless changes and extra jobs are added in.  By May with most of the training ticked the crew are keen to get away and on with it!














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