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Crew record smashed!

June was another busy month for us with over 50,000 hours worked, and 300 jobs completed.

The 6th June saw all records broken when we supplied 342 personnel across 12 projects up and down the country. The Beyoncé load-out and roll over at The Principality Stadium consumed over 200 crew. big thanks to the local crewing companies in Cardiff for their continued support in providing the backup needed to maintain a great level of expertise and experience across the board. With our site crews all out working at Download, Love Supreme and Nocturne leaving our Marquee crews busy with Horse, Dog, Flower, Gardening and Food Shows created a good balance across the crew with all our production, product and site crews working at full stretch.

Our vehicles covered another 20,000 miles, offset by an investment of £230 towards green renewable energy.

Devon Marquees picked up the monthly £100 charity draw (going to the charity Force) with a pick from the feedback forms, whilst our own Josh Harris (A gathering of Rock City Site & FR office Download 18) and Leon Cruse (Rock City Boy Band – Principality Stadium (80,000 cap)) won the monthly photo competition.


Happy Crew

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