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CDM regulations and what it means to our industry

What are CDM Regulations?

The HSE has announced that CDM Regulations will be enforced into the events and entertainment industry from 6th April 2015, although in practice this will be gradual with guidance and consultation.

The CDM Regulations were introduced into the construction industry in 2007 in a bid to limit fatalities and major injuries on work sites throughout the UK, over the past seven years it has been a great success and more than halved recorded incidents.

With the successful management of the 2012 Olympic Games and associated events by our industry and the appointment of the HSE to the position as regulatory authority for Temporary Demountable Structures it was felt a step forward to introduce the regulations to the events and entertainment industry by the HSE, possibly to protect them in their new role.

How will CDM Regulations affect Rock City?

Currently Rock City work to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, the Work at Height Act 2005 and similar regulations. We already demonstrate that we supply competent trained crew and that we provide all relevant safety information prior to working on site, we are however expanding our team that looks after our H&S and to cover the new legislation, so currently we are well placed and in good shape to comply to the new regulations.

What action is Rock City taking to insure a smooth progression and Client piece of mind?

The good news is that the HSE has stated that they will consult with our industry into putting the guidance together with our industries event experts having a practical input, we want to be part of that conversation, currently they are putting some guidance notes together that will come out shortly, a draft copy has already been written and circulated across the industry for comment, something that Rock City is taking an active part in.

We are/have:

  • Taking an active part in discussions through various industry bodies such as the PSA, NOES and AIF forums, to make sure our thoughts are heard including feedback on the current draft.
  • Investing in two more employees to go through a NEBOSH level three certificate in Health & Safety to join our safety team in the office and on site to make sure we comply with the new guidelines and to be able to advise others of the implications.
  • Already accredited with an ISO 9001 standard and presently working towards an ISOH 9018 in Health & Safety, we want to make sure we have the structure to implement these changes and be able to advise others.
  • Formed a safety advisory group within the crew to look at each aspect of construction we undertake on a day to day basis whilst building structures and events.
  • Guaranteeing all our staff hold either CSCS Cards or SPA Cards as a means of identification and level of competence, this has got to be a must for any event in the future, our belief is that the HSE don’t want another registration card but just want to see competent personnel on site working safely both cards will satisfy this criteria.
  • All our plant operators and the ones we train are NORS registered, so their history is guaranteed.
  • Providing our clients with a team that can help decipher the regulations along with training of onsite personnel if required. (SPA passport & RTITB/ITSAR plant certificates NORS registered).

Our conclusion

There seems to be a lot of talk about the effects of introducing CMD Regulations into the industry, some say it’s going to cost money and put small events out of business, others say its unworkable and can’t be enforced, there are some that see it as a gravy train to catch but in reality it’s a step forward that the majority of event organisers and suppliers are doing already, we already share design, management and safety information prior to an event, and make sure our employees on the ground are trained and competent in the tasks that they are undertaking.

The HSE is listening and wants to make this work, this is going to be a slow work in progress with nothing enforced immediately, yes we all need to be competent and have provision and structure for sharing and passing on information concerning the construction, design and management of an event, but in our view it’s a step in the right direction and with our industries input and consultation achievable.

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