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November gives us the chance to catch our breath, still remaining busy and ticking along with 10,000 hrs and 150 jobs our management team got the chance to look at how we performed over the summer and what we could do to improve.

Our greatest assets are our Crew Chiefs and Crew, our greatest challenge is probably how and where the labour market is moving to and our greatest opportunities could lie in Brexit.

2018 will see us take on more personnel on full time contracts, giving a structure to the company so those who wish to climb can do so. We will be introducing a rota cloud system for our causals and part time employees to gain the most of the flexible way people seek work and maximise their time spent doing what’s best for them.  This is through a smart phone app linked directly to the operations desk.  Wherever we feel Brexit will take us there will be no doubt restriction in movement of people across our boarders, the restriction on working visas, the tightening up of illegals and gang masters along with the fall of the pound will contribute to a fall in foreign labour over the next three years leaving suppliers in our sector short.

2018 will see us working towards identifying those suppliers and concentrating in forming more self-sufficient product crews that can take up the shortfall, especially in the marquee, seating and structure sectors.

Calculations on our Sustainability Balancing Pledge were encouraging over the summer with an increase in investment from projects up 70% from last year totalling over £4,000.00 which equates to roughly 80,000KGCO2e balancing over 30,000 litres of diesel consumption.

Our aim is to offset our carbon emissions in travel and on site build and break by 2020, whilst giving our clients the option on paying a green tax on transport of our barrier and fencing equipment.

The big news for us was the productivity of our 30KW Solar Panel investment, 29th November 2017 saw the two year reached in producing green energy, a big part of the overall picture of becoming carbon neutral by 2020.

The magic figure generated in year one was just under 25,000 KW which offsets 13 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Emissions equivalent to just over 30,000 crew travel miles, we aim to double this capacity by the end of 2020, alongside updating our fleet of vehicles we aim to be able to offset 70,000 crew travel miles by 2020 by solar panels alone.

Just as a note did anybody read a very interesting article in this month’s Stand Out by Gallowglass’s Matt Storey regarding “more for less”, if you get a chance it’s worth a read and something that is close to our hearts very well put by Matt, as Matt says, “What do we get for less? Less is the answer!” STAND OUT MAGAZINE December 2017.

New Fence and Barrier Service 2017


Anti-Climb Heras Panels, Pedestrian and Police Barrier.

Our Aim:

To deliver a cost effective option in minimising the impact on the environment by offsetting and careful management in the transporting, building and breaking of your fence and barrier needs.


  1. Working alongside three national suppliers we are able to calculate the best environmental transport option using the closest depots to your site for deliveries and collections.
  2. We can arrange all logistics to maximise site opening times with truck movements and driving hours. Have our own man on site orchestrating deliveries and collections from your boneyards and being your point of contact.
  3. We can give you the option of environmental offset. By calculating the fuel usage in transporting your requirements we are able to give you a figure that can go towards an investment into clean energy offsetting your transport emissions.
  4. We will audit each delivery and collection giving you a real time assessment of any damage or loss, using UK manufacturers we are able to replace any loss or damaged items at cost.
  5. We can also manage the install and recovery for you, setting a bench mark to improve on when looking at site vehicle movement over the build and break, keeping emissions to a minimum.
  6. We offer three clear options with three clear pricing structures.


Dry Hire Option

By ordering in bulk we are able to negotiate a competitive rate from all three suppliers. Once we have your specifications we can find the closest depot to you and work out the best truck schedule using our own trucking company and have our representative on site to un-load/load into your boneyards, auditing on the load-out any loss or damage to give you a real time report, we are then in a position to replace any damaged or lost items immediately at cost.

Wet Hire & Install Option

All the benefits of the Dry Hire Option along with the Rock City Crew installing and recovering your requirements at a fixed cost per meter, no hidden extras just one budgeted cost per meter.

To minimise Rock City’s impact on the environment on the build and break we will calculate our emissions and offset this into producing green energy all within the set price per meter.

Wet Hire Option with Maintenance

Again all the benefits of the Wet Hire and Install Options along with the added comfort of a standby crew during the event.

Why use Rock City:

We can get competitive prices from the supplier, closest depots to supply from, eliminate the waiting on others scenarios, check kit on delivery with real time reports on collection, damage and loss replacements at cost, provide offset environmental calculations as an option on transport & crew, manage the build and break minimising emissions, offer exclusive discounts to AIF members, ultimately offering cost savings to you with a reduced environmental impact and a calculated offset option if required.


Please call or email Toby for further information, 01752 255933, toby@rockcitycrew.co.uk.

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