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Bath Abbey – A Truly Magical Space

Business growing steadily with the build up to summer looming, with over 15,000 hours worked, 150 jobs completed with a nice balance of new clients stretching from Leeds down to Lincoln and London with most concentration around Bristol and Cardiff. Mixed variety as usual with venue shows such as Disney Ice, Judgement Day at Principality Stadium, Top Gear set work at Dunsfold Airdrome, and stage building at Bath Abbey.

Our vehicles covered 14,800 miles offset by an investment of £170 towards green renewable energy.

SJM picked up the monthly £100 charity draw (going to Cancer Research) with a pick from the feedback forms whilst our own Jo Martin and Paul Summerfield won the monthly photo competition.


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Client insight – Bath Abbey

Bath Abbey stands at the heart of the City of Bath. The Abbey has a long and colourful history and has been rebuilt several times over the centuries. Standing proud in all its glory, it represents a true landmark to the city’s skyline.

Rock City started working alongside Bath Abbey’s staff back in 2014 setting up staging and seating for the various events held in the Abbey over the year; graduations, services and concerts were regular features to the Abbey’s calendar. Rock City was able to supply crew from Bristol on various call lengths to suit the Abbey’s budget and time frame. Great care is taken in every operation, and now that we have great continuity within the crew personnel, they have the expertise and experience required. This gives piece of mind to the Abbey’s staff and the opportunity to work in such a fantastic space some of which dates back to the 1500’s.

Bath Abbey

Crew Abbey

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